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Pricing Methodology

Script Care offers both traditional and pass-through pricing models to meet the unique needs and requests of our current and future clients. While both options are available, Script Care prefers to utilize the Clearview™ pricing model in Outsourced Business Solutions so that the client has an upfront and clear understanding of Script Care's costs.

The SCL Clearview™ pricing structure is a true disclosure and pass-through of all contracted discount rates to the plan sponsor. Clients receive the actual cost and all rebates that your plan generates.

  • Pass 100% of all pre-negotiated discounts and fees
  • Pass 100% of market and incentive rebates
  • Guaranteed Contract
  • Pricing schedules are automatically updated with improved contracted rates
  • Members immediately benefit from improved pricing

The Script Care experience gives you years of managing thousands of plans and saving millions for our clients and their members

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