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About Script Care

Mission Statement

Script Care, Ltd. is dedicated to providing expert services and innovative solutions that are highly effective, beneficial, and cost-efficient for our customers.

Script Care, headquartered in Beaumont, TX, was founded in 1989, and operates as an independent "Pharmacy Benefits Manager." The company's success and continued growth can be traced to the philosophy that taking care of the client's needs is the first priority of management and staff. Script Care is known for outstanding customer service to participants, plan sponsors, and pharmacy providers. This dedication to service, coupled with a highly innovative approach to plan design and genuine savings on prescription needs, is a Script Care benchmark.

Purchasers of health care services today are demanding more for their money. They will no longer be misled by the "smoke and mirrors" approach of the past. In the pharmacy benefits management field, this simply means providing truly competitive pricing through network pharmacies and delivering quality service to plan sponsors and covered participants.

At the heart of each Script Care client health plan is a pharmacy benefits management program that achieves an effective balance of low net cost and excellent client service. No "smoke and mirrors." Just a straightforward approach that makes good business sense.

Since 1989, Script Care has been setting the standard for superior management of pharmacy benefits for a wide range of clients with distinct needs. In fact, Script Care has a track record of not just reacting to changes in the industry, but of driving change in directions that will benefit clients for years to come. We are proud to say we are continuing to grow in the midst of rapid changes in our industry and offer service that is second to none. We believe that is a good measure of our commitment and the right prescription for the continued good health for our subscribers.

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