Carveout Your Pharmacy Benefits

If you are not carving out the Pharmacy Benefit from your carrier... did you know?

  • You have no defined discounts
  • No choice of retail network
  • No defined Pharmacy contract
  • No defined Rebates

You are agreeing that the carrier owns/runs the benefit plan... NOT YOU.

What can you expect from Script Care's customized plan designs?

  • Lower claim cost
  • Higher rebates (not a credit)
  • Actual Plan Management
  • Reporting-up to the minute
  • Options that work best for the Plan
  • Defined Pharmacy Contract
  • Defined Performance Guarantees
  • Dedicated Account Team
  • Direct relationship with Pharmacy Professionals
  • Attuned to your goals and provides customized solutions
  • Proactive review of plan performance and recommendations
  • Customizable Member Specific Communications
  • Customizable Utilization Management
  • Disease management data interchange

A Pharmacy Benefit Plan that works best for the employer and not the Carrier.

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