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Analytics & Reporting

With SCL, the client will always have a clear picture of drug spending and plan performance. In addition to 24x7 access to our online reporting tool, your account management team will develop a regular reporting schedule to provide a regular feed of the data you need.

Standard Management Reports

Script Care offers a wide selection of in-depth management reports for monitoring the plan activity and budgeting for future operations. SCL fulfills the delivery of standard management reports by using the PBM system, which covers almost all aspects of pharmacy reporting.

Interactive Reporting

SCL provides its clients access to our secure interactive online reporting website. Most clients find that their basic daily reporting needs are fully met with the reports that can be run online.

Ad-Hoc Reporting

No standard reporting package satisfies all reporting needs. SCL's customized reporting capabilities allow us to customize and produce the ad-hoc reports or other data requirements needed to meet clients' unique reporting needs.

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